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welcome children

pedodentiste - Welcome children


For you to have a nice smile and beautiful teeth, we thought of you! For our dear children, we created the world of Disney® and for the biggest, that of the Video Games.

Dad and Mom will be happy to hear that all that your teeth require is now at your disposal. Taking care of your teeth is, thanks to the latest techniques, a pleasant experience. If your teeth are healthy, you can also defend against cavities, thanks to the latest advances in prevention, with fluoride varnishes and furrow seals.

You will enter a world where all the characters of your favorite comics will be there to accompany you. You'll be able to play Wii® or watch cartoons while waiting for your appointment or even while you're examining and caring for your teeth.

The ugly microbes that hide in every corner of your mouth can be discovered through our magic detective painting and you can quickly get rid of it.

A team of specialists, trained in the latest technologies in Pediatric dentistry, will be attentive to all your needs and will find the best solutions, both aesthetically and in terms of the durability of your treatments.

Well cared for and especially well protected, your teeth will remain beautiful and healthy for a long time.

If you are very courageous, as a reward, you can choose as a reward a surprise gift from all the surprise gifts, those who are hidden behind the Magic Mirrors.

In addition, a playful and adapted space will make your visit unforgettable …

welcome to parents

pedodentiste - Bienvenue les parents

Our practice specializes in Pediatric dentistry and we strive to provide exceptional quality dental care for children and teens. Dr. Jona Andersen and our team work hard every day to create a unique environment where your child will feel reassured and comfortable..

Helping little smiles grow well, being healthy and happy is important to us!

We offer complete balance sheets. We offer preventive services for children and adolescents, including cleanings, digital radios and preventive treatments such as furrow seals, fluoride treatments and interceptive orthodontics. We also offer ceramic pedodontic crowns, white composite fillings, extractions and space maintainers. Above all, we specialize in traumatology: dislocated, fractured or lost teeth..

A new standard for the pediatric dental experience
Our office has been established to be different. We wanted to redefine the experience of Pediatric dentistry for our patients, and allow them to grow with the confidence of a healthy smile.

We have changed the environment of a dental office to be child-friendly. This is something you will notice from the moment you enter the waiting room. In fact, there is much more game than waiting! We have TVs with cartoons, the Nintendo Wii® and iPads on which children can play educational games. We have a lot of Lego and fun coloring. We invite all parents to take a coffee break or gather around a tea..

Our treatment rooms are all custom designed and are meant to try to separate our young patients from the reality of being in a clinical setting. We have invested a lot in the design of the practice to give our patients the best possible experience. We look forward to meeting you to offer your child a dental experience that exceeds all your expectations! We invite you to arrange an appointment here ☺.

Last update:13/07/2018