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The 4 golden rules to avoid cavities

Dentiste pédiatrique 93 - Les 5 règles d'or

1. Brush your teeth and gums in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bedtime with a suitable fluoride toothpaste.
The establishment of good habits of oral hygiene and food avoids in most cases the appearance of dental caries.

2.Never share your spoon, your glass and especially not your toothbrush!
Cavity is a contagious disease. Teens are still susceptible to bacteria from the mouths of adults!

3. Beware of sugary drinks, sweets and nibbles! Respect meal times and drink only water between meals!

Snacking throughout the day and ingesting soda drinks (eg Coca-Cola) is often a bad diet for teenagers.

You also need to be careful about medications, including syrups, homeopathy, and asthma medications that contain a lot of sugar. Taking these medications before bedtime can cause tooth decay.

4.Two visits a year to the Pediatric dentist.

We take the time at each visit to educate adolescents about good oral hygiene practices.

Last update:13/07/2018