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Office of Dr. Jona Andersen

A shock team for a chic smile!

Dentiste pédiatrique 93 - Dr Jona Andersen

Dr Jona Andersen

Dr. Jona Andersen is a dental surgeon with a degree in the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

She has completed several cycles of continuing education in Pediatric dentistry at the University of Southern California in the United States.

Dr. Andersen is fluent in French, En and En.Danish. She is a member of the American Association of Pediatric Odontology and supports the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Foundation which encourages education and research in the field of health children and adolescents as well as children with disabilities

Dentiste pédiatrique 93 - Dr Jona Andersen

Dr Laura Amsallem

Dr. Laura Amsallem, a Pediatric dentist. Her mission is to give any child or teenager a healthy mouth.

She likes contact with children because they are dynamic, they have an overflowing imagination as well as a great learning ability.

She has relational and pedagogical qualities, which are essential to the practice of this profession and ensure that to instil in young patients from an early age, good habits of hygiene and diet to promote training and maintaining a healthy and aesthetic dentition.

And the whole team

Dentiste pédiatrique 93 - Dr Jona Andersen

« I am myself a mother of 4 children, I know the difficulties of young child to face the unknown, such as the dental office ... I welcome each child gently, reassures him and explain each stage of his visit with appropriate words. »

Geneviève, executive assistant

« Call me, I would love to hear from you or send me an email, I will answer you as soon as possible. »

Thierry, dental assistant

Dentiste pédiatrique 93 - Dr Jona Andersen

« I love working with children, to tell them stories and laugh with them so they feel more comfortable on the chair. »

Camille, dental assistant

« I have been working with children for more than 20 years ... It is a pleasure to discover the unique personality of each child. »

Dylan, dental assistant

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