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Furrow seals

Dentiste pédiatrique 93 - Scellement sillons

Protection of permanent molars and molars of milk

All teeth with deep occlusal cracks are particularly exposed to cavities. Deep occlusal cracks provide food scraps with a place to lodge, allowing bacteria to multiply. Moreover, the toothbrush is powerless in such a situation. Bacteria multiply rapidly and adhere to the child's teeth into a sticky mass that allows for particularly aggressive acid production.

The posterior teeth, the molars, can be protected with furrow seals, which minimize the risk of developing caries on the masticatory surfaces at a time of your child's life particularly prone to the appearance of caries.

This act, which consists of applying a fluorine-protective resin on the furrows (fissures), is painless, quickly made and protects your child's teeth durably and effectively against the carious attack.

Prophylactic cleaning and descaling

Thorough cleaning of all teeth reduces the risk of cavities. We use modern and adapted equipment that allows this to happen without pain or discomfort.

Last update:13/07/2018