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All about Pediatric dentistry

Dentistes enfants - Questions sur dentisterie pédiatrique

You have a question, you need clarification?

You will find in our Frequently Asked Questions some of the most frequently asked questions for which we give you some answers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions so that we give you an answer.

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1. What is the difference between a dentist and a Pediatric dentist?

Dentistes enfants - Différence

Dr. Jona Andersen specializes in Pediatric dentistry, has received specific training for many years and her daily practice is exclusively for the care of children, from their youngest age to the end of adolescence.

It is concerned with the prevention, early detection and treatment of dental caries of the child. She strives to establish a relationship of trust with the child, to give him a fun, educational and positive non-traumatic experience in his contact with the profession of dentists, so that it can continue throughout his career. adult life.

2. When to consult a Pediatric dentist?

Dentistes enfants - Apparition caries

There are many reasons that can lead you to visit a Pediatric dentist in Paris with your child.
Irritated gums, which bleed when brushing, are indicative of dental plaque on the teeth, which causes cavities. If your child has sensitivity to cold, heat, or sweetness, this may be a sign that he has developed cavities.

Prepare the first appointment

A vocabulary adapted for a fearless experience

Be careful, your child often does not vocalize his dental pain.
If you notice that he chews only one side, that he has trouble feeding, that he refuses to brush his teeth, it may be that a tooth is very painful!

However, when your child has a toothache, usually the decay is already great. It is better to detect cavities when they are beginners and are not yet painful. Look at your child's mouth regularly and if you see black spots on your teeth, you should consult a Pediatric dentist (clinic information) Here ).

That's why we should not consult that in case of problems!

Your child should acquire as soon as possible the right reflexes of good oral hygiene, as well as a balanced diet. We recommend getting in the habit of consulting our Pediatric dentistry office every six months. Problems detected early are easier to treat and do not require heavier and more expensive care.

Last update:13/07/2018